Candidate 111 

Final MRCOphth (passed)                          

Centre: Dundee                              

Date:    Feb. 2008 

These are the stations that I remember.


Posterior Segment

  • Myopic fundus with macular scarring started by asking me to take a history. the patient told me she had been operated for a hole in the eye! didn't see any macular hole but did the Watzke Allen test anyway.

  • Gross exodeviation with advanced PVR. I didn't realize the diagnosis until after the exam. I just described what I saw.


  • Glaucomatous cupping

  • Tilted disc

  • Reliability indices of Humphrey VFT

Ocular Motility

  • Exotropia young boy. After cover test, asked to do DDO. he had a cataract. was asked D/D of cataract in a child

  • Confronation visual field in an old gentleman. constricted visual fields

  • Then asked to test pupil reactions, there was anisocoria and an RAPD. couldn't put all the signs together, but described what I saw.

Medicine in Ophthalmology

  • Granulomatous uveitis: asked differentials, lots about investigations for sarcoidosi after a long list, examiner said "tell me some rarer causes" he was looking for brucellosis, (I suppose that was for the bonus mark)

  • Scar of carotid endarterectomy; asked to auscultate for carotid bruit and asked what would you do next; asked about trials. Thought I would fail this station because I got the percentages wrong

Anterior segment

  • Young patient with pseudophakia and distributed KPs; asked all about Fuchs Uveitis Syndrome

  • Granulomatous uveitis; interestingly it is the same patient I got in the medicine station.


Communication skills

  • History taking in an old lady woth ptosis.

  • Taking consent for surgery under LA.