Candidate 136

Final FRCS

Centre:    Muscat

   Date:    November 2009

I appeared from Muscat in Nov , 2009. & passed in first attempt. I am really thankful to Chua website for my success. I also thank Prof Muthuswamy’s virtual University for preparing me for the Problem solving paper.
Here is my experience in the exam.

Day 1-Problem solving paper

Q1- parents concerned about droopy lid LE of their 6m old kid. On examination kid resists covering RE. you notice droop in BE . how will you manage this case.

Q2 38 yr old female presemts with severe pain RE & you notice a small ulcer near the limbus. The female is following treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis. How will you manage the case.

Q3 72 year old male presents with history of headache for few weeks and several attacks of blurry vision since last week. His VA is 6/12 RE , 6/ 6 LEHe is having a history of recurrent chest infections. What is your differential diagnosis? How wil you manage this case?

Day 2- viva

General medicine & neuroophthalmology

Examiner 1

  • Asked me about causes of hypertension, how to treat & effect on eye,got stuck on causes of renal artery stenosis.immediately told him that i cannot recollect so as not to waste my time. he shifted to another Q. effect of hypertension on EYE. difference Naion AIOn, management field defects, sideeffects of steroids.

Examiner 2

  • Causes of breathlesslessness.........he kept asking more causes. I gave him 10 causes, then he said stop thats enough i am confused.asked about cardiogenic pulm edema, pulmonary embolism, CI of thromboembolism, symptoms of MI, difference in presentation of bronchial asthma & COPD. how will counsel a young patient of MI after recovery. how will you treat old man with hypertension. got stuck on ... any other benefecial effect of statin? effect of ACE inhibitor in cardiogenic shock....he jumped with joy when i told him it decreases after load which is very much required for decompensated heart.

    Asked too many Q in 20 min

Ophthalmic surgery & pathology



  • Sutures & needles esp focusing on vicryl, nylon spatulated needle, uses, braided, non braided, mono/ multifilament.

  • Hospital sterilization- blunt sharp instruments, sutures , etc- how to sterilize cryoprobe, tonometers, phaco handpiece, how do you wash your hands before surgery.

  • How to suture lid margin injuries near to puncutum? How to manage shallow AC after trabeculectomy. Indication of mitomycin in ophthalmology. How to do Yag laser iridotomy.

Examiner 2

  • How to treat Basal cell Ca, pathology/ Phaco parameters on my machine. How to manage PC tear, nucleus drop. What is PCO? How to prevent it ? How to do YAG capsulotomy, its complications. How to manage late onset endophthalmitis. Types of IOL, which one to use in DR , Uveitis. Which is second best?

    Went well? All expected stuff.

Ophthalmic medicine


  • Examiner one- rubeotic Glaucoma—causes treatment, how to manage Dretinopathy. How to assesss medical control of Diabetes. Difference between nonischaemic & ischemic CRVO, how to Manage.

  • Examiner2- how to treat throid ophthalmopathy, if patients vision is fine and no movement restriction. Topo of with the rule astigmatism, Field of superior quadrantanopia—causes . management, fundus photo of BIH, management.

    Again expected stuff…. I was lucky.

Day 3 -Clinical examination

1 Congenital ptosis—asked management, complications of ptosis surgery.
2 Thyroid ophthalmopathy- proptosis with muscle restriction- asked management
3 Old BRVO -- management
4 Pseudophakos with PC tear, with NPDR- asked management
5 Filtering bleb with primary optic atrophy, with hard exudates at macula--- could not tell diagnosis asked me causes of primary optic atrophy.

Was ok……


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