Candidate 13                        Centre: Edinburgh
                                                        Date:     November, 2000

Pathology & Surgery Viva

  • Discussion of the relative merits of ECCE & phako
  • Assessment of ptosis, surgical management and complications
  • Pathology of entropion & surgical treatment, including a description of a Wiess's procedure.
  • Endophthalmitis: presentation, microbiology & treatment

Medicine & Neurology in relation to ophthalmology viva

  • Management of third nerve palsy
  • Ophthalmoscopic appearance of papilloedema
  • Causes of CWS
  • Management of amaurosis Fugax including drug treatment & surgical management of carotid artery stenosis
  • Complications of steroid treatment.

Clinical Ophthalmology

Case 1
Macular hole

Case 2
Myopic patient with ACIOLs and macular degeneration

Case 3
Phaco trab with discussion on target pressures in glaucoma management

Case 4
Pigment dispersion syndrome

Case 5
Posterior segment naevus

Case 6
RAPD in patient with one dilated pupil

Clinical medicine & neurology

Case 1
Long standing traumatic CCF

Case 2
TED investigations and management of ON compression

Case 3
Iatrogenic V, VII, VIII n palsy secondary to cerebellopontine tumour surgery, discussion on the management of exposure keratopathy.

Case 4
RhA and scleromalacia perforans

Case 5
Oculocutaneous albinism, discussion on the management of the patient &
causes of decreased vision

Case 6
Disc collateral, causes.

Case 7
Visual field examination and management of pituitary tumours.

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