Candidate 14                        Centre:  Cardiff
                                                        Date:     March, 2000

Pathology Viva

  • Sterilisation/disinfection
  • Adenovirus types
  • Solid RD slide
  • Malignant melanoma Rx and clinical prognostic signs
  • Normal skin histology
  • Colour picture of malignant eyelid lesion followed by its histology
  • Histological features of dysplasia, malignancy
  • Granulomatous inflammation
  • VKH / Sarcoid / Sympathetic ophthalmology

Clinical Ophthalmology

Case 1
Psoriasis with chronic Anterior Uveitis

Case 2
Fuchs Heterochromic uveitis

Case 3
Treated proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Case 4
Traumatic optic nerve injury

Case 5
Colobomatous malformations-iris, retina/choroid

Case 6
Pseudoexfoliation syndrome

Case 7
Dry eye syndrome / Filamentary Keratitis

Medical ophthalmology

Case 1
Patient has a history of arteriopathies (MI, angina and intermittent claudication) and full examination

Case 2
Cerebellar signs

Case 3
A patient with combined lower motor and upper motor neurone signs

Case 4
Variable ptosis in a patient with myasthenia gravis

Case 5
Eye movement examination in a patient with Parinaud's syndrome

Case 6
A patient with a unilateral IV palsy

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