Candidate 158

Part 2 FRCOphth

Centre:   Liverpool

   Date:    April 2012


Lid and Glaucoma

1) Previous ptosis surgery. Irregular margin with drooping laterally
2) Unilateral glaucoma- CD0.9 on one side, Normal other eye
3) Narrow angle Glaucoma

Cornea and Anterior segment

1) Keratoconus with INTACS on one eye and contact lens on other eye
2) OCP. bilateral heavily vascularised corneae, conjuctivalisation, symblepharon
3) Dense cataract in Myopic eye other eye pseudophakia

Posterior segment

1) Direct ophthalmoscopy- Bilateral Papiloedema (IIH)
2) Indirect 20D. Unilateral pigmentation like RP
3) 78D. Vitrectomised eye, Cryo scars, drusens at disc, some pigmentry pathology at macula, dont know.

Squint and Orbit (Nighmare)

1) Thyroid eye disease. restriction in upgaze and lateral gaze. (Prof Renee as examiner)
2) young chap with traumatic eye injury, irregular pupil , poor vision. Hardly any motility problem ( succumbed) Caroline Mc Kewn as examiner.
3) Probably bilateral SO Palsy ( not sure) again C. Mc Kewn as examiner

Medicine/ Neurology

1) Parkinsonian disease
2) Acromegaly
4) young woman (20s) with resolved anterior uveitis. Posterior synechiae.

Prof. Gordon Plant as examiner.


PM 1--- CRVO
PM 2--- Bilateral papilloedema (IIH)
PI- Hess chart and field of BSV ( Nightmare)
AER- Confidentiality
EBM- ROP screening and steroid induced osteoporosis
Communication- lady referred for cataract surgery but has poor vision due to AMD ( very hostile actress )

Good luck
Pray for me.
Result awaited


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