Candidate 173

FRCS part 3

Centre:   Glasgow

   Date:    2013

I was recently successful in this exam and would like to share my experience


Ophthalmic medicine:

Glaucomatous disc: I was asked how I would evaluate a patient including Humphrey visual field, gonioscopy, and cct. She also wanted know prognostic factors. I quoted OHT and CNTG and spoke of ethnicity and AGIS.

Necrotizing scleritis.Evaluation. Which patients etc

Acanthamoeba keratitis: everything


Ophthalmic Surgery:


Phacoanaphylactic Glaucoma and surgical complications if you plan to do cataract extraction.

Pterygium: risk factors, surgery and recurrence

Corneal graft rejection: management


Neuro/gen med:


ECG in MI : which part of heart involed? Antero lateral. How long after would you do this cataract surgery?

Headache with visual loss: focused on features of classical migraine, little bit of treatment

GCA: everything

Functional visual loss assessment in a 10 yr old child: mirror, visual field etc


Thank you for this very helpful site.



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