Candidate 177

FRCS Glasgow

Centre:   New Delhi

   Date:    September 2013

Dear sir , 

 I have cleared the exams in first attempt .I was helped immensely by this site and also by prof .muttuswamy  through his virtual university . The medicine question was a bit quirky but i guess I Passed as I had  written most of the points . 


A. An adult bus  driver  had a assault related injury 5 yrs ago and was  well after treatment  he had loss of vision in the right eye . He is now referred to you for cataract  You notice that he has diffuse cataract and IOP of 34 Re and 28 LE . He also has pseudoexfoliation in both eyes .phacodonesis  is present in the RE .


1.What are the points that you look for in the examination ?


2.What  is your first step in management ?


3.what are the complications that you expect in the catarctsurgery ?


4.what are precautions you take in preventing the complications ?


5.What will you council the patient about the visual recovery after surgery ?


Emergency medicine question.

A elderly lady is seen by you for the review 3 months after  cataract surgery . She is delighted by the results of cataract surgery . How ever she has been unwell for the past few days by mild fever and severe itching .you also notice that she has  jaundice . Her notes indicate that she has had flucloxacillin for mild cellulitis 1 month back for a week.  Her diabetes is under control and she has never traveled outside UK. 

What specific history you ask for to make a dignosis  ?

what are the specific signs you look for to make a diagnosis ?

What is the differential diagnosis ?

What are the investigations you do to make a diagnosis?


I will also send the  other 2 questions . 


Thanks once again .



Consultant medila Retina and uvea ,

Bangalore West Lions Eye Hospital Bangalore .


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