Candidate 179


Centre:   Hyderabad

   Date:    2014

My name is DR ChinmayNakhwa. I have cleared the FRCS part 2 exam held in march 2014. I am sending you the questions which can be posted to your website.

1. A 40 year oldasthamatic is referred to you by his primary care physician for having a hemorrhage at his disc margin. RE IOP is 13 mm Hg and LE IOP – 19 mm Hg. He is hypertensive and diabetic.
• What are the specific pints in history that you would ask the patient?
• What findings and observations would you elicit and note in this patient?
• What would be your treatment in this patient , if required?
Same patient presents to you 6 months later with further deterioration in the left eye visual fields. IOP RE 13 mm hg, LE – 16 mm Hg.
• What would be your management?

2. A 43 year old woman is referred to you for “Right eye staring look” by her primary care physician. As she walks inside your room you note that she has vitiligo.
• What are the signs that can present with a staring look?
• What specific points in history would you ask the patient?
• How would you evaluate and investigate the patient?
Same patient presnts to you with complaints of difficulty in swallowing , 6 months later
• How would you investigate and manage the patient?

3. A 78 year old diabetic lady underwent RE phaco+ IOL. After 4 weeks the vision in the right eye cannot be improved beyond 6/12 with refraction.
• What is your differential diagnosis?
• How would you investigate and manage the patient?
• What precautions would you take before doing left eye cataract surgery?

4. A 65 year old lady posted for phacoemulsification, for posterior subcapsular cataract. ECG reveals ST elevation consistent with myocardial infarction of unspecified duration. She is diabetic and hypertensive. Pulse – 87/min, BP – 150/90 mm hg.
• How will you investigate and manage this patient?
Same patient presents to your OPD six months later. You are called to see her as she has collapsed in the waiting area and become unresponsive.
• How will you manage ?


Dr. ChinmayNakhwa
Vitreo-Retina Consultant
Aravind eye hospital and Post Graduate Teaching Institute



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