Candidate 181


Centre:   York

   Date:   April,  2014

1. Biometry discuss regarding principle, formula, how to choose IOL
2. PDR ask to describe, pathogenesis, management
3. Papilloedema- approach and management
4. NAI and DVLA
5. Discuss on lattice degeneration and optic atrophy
6. Communication skills:
* The scenario was to counsel a middle age man who was referred from a GP for corneal abrasion wound and recently diagnosed of retinitis pigmentosa.

Station 1. Cataract and anterior segment
Case 1 LE corneal opacity/scarring. DDx crystalline keratopathy ?causes
Case 2 RE microcornea LE prosthesis.DDx anterior segment dysgenesis
Case 3 LE iridodialysis.

Station 2. Glaucoma and lid
Case 1 LE GDD/pseudophakia/uveitis
Case 2 BE POAG with Mild NPDR ?target IOP
Case 3 Bilateral involutional ptosis

Station 3. Posterior Segment
Case 1 LE Pale disc with beigmester papillae
Case 2 LE superior barricade laser scar
Case 3 RE PDR/DME with laser scar

Station 4. Strabismus and orbit

Case 1 LE ptosis+exotropia +hypotropia+ proptosis
Case 2 Rt 7th CN palsy with Rt esotropia/hypertropia with prism glasses

Station 5. Medicine and neurology
Case 1 VF- tunnel vision
Case 2 cranial nerve examination
Case 3 BE pale disc ?cause ?Mx
Case 4 RE Trabec+pseudophakia/ LE PI+pseudophakia with pale disc/glaucoma disc/chorioretinal atrophy


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