Candidate 206



Centre: Birmingham


Date:  2016

 1. Communications skills - patient with glaucoma - Referred from stable clinic to consultant clinic but Delayed appointment.   Discuss progression, adding new drops specifically beta blocker - patient anxious about side effects.

2. high myope presenting with distortion - DD - Shown FFA then OCT - asked to describe -  Myopic CNVM - asked about clinical trials in the area and treatment options

3. 4 year old with XT - - new referral - how to approach the case ( told half way through - no orthoptic/nursers around so you need to do everything) - how to manage - no getting better with glasses - what next - would you operate once VA stable?

4. Vague scenario - hemifacial pain and visual obscurations - discuss DD

Then shown a picture of the patient and told they were in a recent car accident experiencing whiplash - obvious picture of Horners - asked to discuss the management and likely source for the pathology - dissecting carotid

5. Patient with advance ADM referred with mild cataracts  - how do you approach bringing the patient into the clinic room - discussion of SSI, what benefits you get..

6. AMD - AREDS trial in detail.  JIA - screening guidelines and management. 


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