Candidate 20                                                       Date: Feb, 2002
                                                                           Centre: Hyderabad, India
Day 1.
MCQs and clinical case interpretation

1. A 17 year old girl is referred to your clinic with the history of increasing prominence of her right eye. Her general health is good. Describe how you would investigate and manage this case. 

2. An 80 year old lady attends the clinic with a complaint of gradual visual reduction. She describes the problem as being greater for close vision rather than distance vision. She wishes to continue to drive. Describe how you would deal with this case. 

3. A 42 year old metal worker attends the clinic with the history of recent awareness of substandard vision with his left eye. There is evidence of an afferent pupillary defect. How would you investigate and manage this case. 

Day 2:

Surg.& Path.

1. Indications, complications and PO Astigmatism.- Keratoplasty.

2. Specimen of lid tumour-enucleated. discussion on types and treatment.

3.Management of squint in a 5 year old child.

4. Use of anti metabolites in filtering surgery- and their concentration and mode of use.

General ophth.

1. 80 year old lady with nuclear sclerosis-needs near vision correction but not in favour of surgery-(when i told about cat/ optical iridectomy)- I told mydriatics,low vision aids  the examiner was not not satisfied and he wanted me to say increase the illumination of the print.

2. Vision testing in 3 year and older children

3. Management of painless , sudden loss of vision with floaters- discussion on vit.hge.(RD)  and USG.

4.Management of unilateral painful ,sudden loss of vision - Discussion on Ac.narrow angle glaucoma.

5. Management of Epiphora (  bell) 

Day 3: 


Slit lamp with 90D-  Myopia with gl. optic atrophy,with lattice deg.and a round hole and macular hole in a 35 year old man- Discussion was mainly on medical and surgical treatment of POAG and about antimetabolites.

Case. 2. 
Slit lamp with 90D(choice was given for direct ophth.) Fundus flavimaculatus.(bilateral in a 30 year old man) symptoms, tests(FFA,electrophysiological) and the management.

Slit lamp.55 year old female- Asked why she was led by her hand - told either advanced glaucoma or RP.-examination revealed filtering bleb and corneal section-PC IOL. -asked how many surgeries she had and the program you would ask for in HFA.

Case, 4. 
Diabetic IIIrd N.palsy-asked what injection can cause ptosis like this and about frontalis overaction,asked to demonstrate testing of 4th nerve and finally the management.

Case 5.
Slit lamp exam-40/F-RE shallow ACwith 2 Iridotomy holes with sectorial iris atrophy-while discussing the bell went off.

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