Candidate 23                                           Date: 2002
                                                             Centre: Glasgow
Case 1
A young male, i was asked to look at the anterior segment. There was conjunctival congestion and active disciform keratitis. Asked about the causes - I said herpetic and possible acanthamoeba. 

Case 2
An elderly lady, I was asked to observe and comment.she had neurofibromatosis and a head tilt and wore glasses. I was asked to perform ocular motility--on cover test there was right hypertropia.i was asked to demonstrate the three step test. Next she was seated at the slit-lamp.there were lisch nodules, fundus was normal. I was asked about other systemic features of neurofibromatosis. 

Case 3
I was asked to look at the fundus with 78D. There was tilted disc with situs inversus. Questions on field defect. 

Case 4
A middle-aged man, anterior segment.- inferior iridectomy was done, questions regarding what operation was done, why inferior location, then onto malignant glaucoma & its treatment. 

Case 5
A young woman. I was asked to do indirect with 20D.there were peripheral degenerations, hypopigmented patches, i could only describe, the examiner told me that it was pavingstone degeneration. 

Case 6 
Middle-aged female, pupillary examination.i mentioned thart there was no anisocoria, heterochromia or ptosis.she had right RAPD. I volunteered to look at the disc which was pale .i was asked the causes.question revolved mainly around temporal arteritis, contraindications of steroid treatment. 

Case 7 
Again a middle aged female,  Iwas asked to observe her and comment. She had bilateral mild ptosis.on measuring, right eye was more ptotic than the left. Then I was asked to do ocular motilty. There was less movement of the right eye on abduction. I made the diagnosis of myesthenia. I was asked about the edrophonium test in detail. 

Case 8
Again anterior segment.there was recent ECCE with PC IOL done with a previos trabeculectomy bleb. The iris was repaired. 

Case 9
Disc with 78D. There was bilateral optic disc drusen.question regarding visual field.

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