Candidate 24                                           Date: 2002
                                                             Centre: Edinburgh
Pathology and Ophthalmic medicine - Viva

1. Basal cell carcinoma and management of lid reconstruction
2. Squamous cell carcinoma of the maxillary sinus causing a hypertropia
3. NVD pathology in the retina, pathological changes in diabetic retinopathy

4. Penetrating eye injury management, risks of surgery, pathology of 
    sympathetic ophthalmia

5. Corneal ulcer – management, pathology

6. Post operative inflammation and infection - endophthalmitis
    Management, pathology

Ophthalmic medicine in relation to neurology and general medicine

1. TIA – history, Differential diagnosis, management.

2. CVS complications leading to visual loss.

3. Systemic drugs causing ocular side effects.

4. CRAO management.

5. Paralytic ectropion due to 7 CN palsy management.

6. X ray with dystrophic calcification on the maxillary, mandibular, 
    zygomatic and frontal bones – Differential diagnosis.

7. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca causes & management.

8. Visual field with unilateral optic atrophy and contra lateral junctional      
     scotoma – causes, pitutary tumors and ophthalmic manifestations.

Ophthalmic clinical

Case 1
RE – Aphakia with contact lenses
LE – penetrating keratoplasty, pseudo phakia
Bilateral old ECCE limbal scars.
Reasons for the graft and the reason why she had contact lenses

Case 2
RE 360 indent, LE treated uveal melanoma
Reasons for treatment and differential diagnosis

Case 3
Bilateral nebular opacities in the cornea
Differential diagnosis and management

Case 4
LE partially recovered third nerve palsy
Differential diagnosis.

Case 5
History from a patient with gradual loss of vision during the day
Differential diagnosis.

Case 6
Left macular hole stage 4

Case 7
RE - polycystic bleb, 
LE 270 peripheral anterior synechiae, iris bombe, neovascular glaucoma, mutton fat endothelial KP’s 
Reasons for the appearance

Case 8
 Bilateral Exudative ARMD
Reasons and other modalities of treatment 

Medical Viva

Case 1
Thyroid eye disease with pendular nystagmus, Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis. Questioins on treatment of thyroid, complications of Fuch’s and management of Fuch’s.

Case 2
Clinicially significant macular oedema with focal laser modified grid with peripheral neuropathy. Questions on management of this lady in the outpatient clinic from history.

Case 3
Duane’s with limitation of elevation and depression on adduction with head posutre. Questions on differenital diagnosis. 

Case 4
Total tarsoraphy with 7th cranial nerve palsy, with aberrant regeneration h/o surgery for acoustic neuroma. Questions on Neurofibroma

Case 5
Collateral vessels on the disc, treatment of hypertension and diabetes and other risk factors. 

Case 6
Retinitis pigmantosa with penetrating keratoplasty in one eye
Systemic complications of retinitis pigmentosa

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