Candidate 25                                           Date:  Sept, 2002
                                                             Centre: Cambridge
Pathology and Ophthalmic medicine - Viva

1. Chalazion

  • HE perparation ,giant cells and their importance
2. Sebaceous cell carcinoma
  • All the stains
  • Pagetoid spread
  • Management
3. Conjunctivitis
  • Causes
  • Papillae and follicles differences, causes,
4. Atrophic changes in chronic eye conditions
  • Causes
  • Calcification
  • Management
5. Chlamydiae  and adult inclusion conjunctivitis
  • Diagnosis
  • Management
6. Siderosis bulbi
  • Staining and effect on intraocular tissues
  • Chalcosis
  • Reasons and intraocular FB
  • Effect on other tissues
7. Stitch granuloma
  • Pathological basis and findings
  • Suture material
  • Management

General medicine and neurology

1. Sarcoidosis with hemiparesis. Percuss the respiratory  system. Consolidation on 
    right side.

2. GCA - protocol

3. Anaphylaxis management

4. Dorsal mid brain with thyroid swelling

5. Cranial nerves and visual fields, optic atrophy


1. 10 yr old with trauma, pseudophakia, right exotropia and preretinal fibrosis
     DD, pathogenesis and further management, slit lamp techniques.

2. Exudative ARMD. Management, counselling.

3. 22 yr old lady with macular retinal dystrophy with flecks. DD, to elicit history, 
    management and investigations and genetic counselling.

4. Corneal thinning and subepithelial scarring in both eyes. DD for peripheral 
    ulcerative keratitis and management.

5. Bilateral Lester Jones tube. Indications, complications and investigations before 
    the surgery.

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