Candidate 28                                          Centre: New Delhi
FRCS Glasgow Exams (part -B)                                      Date:   Oct, 2002

Problem Paper
1) 70 yrs/ male/ H/O long term Rheumatoid Arthritis / Presenting with redness, and a 
     peripheral corneal ulcer with shallow AC and Siddles  test positive. How will you 
     manage the case .
2)  50 yrs female, had mastectomy and under gone one course of chemotherapy, for 
     breast CA. Now complains of dimness of vision with blurring of disc margin. How 
     will you manage the case .
3)  60 yrs male who had squint operation in child hood in RE , is amblyopic in that eye. 
     Now complains of increase in dimness of vision in RE (6/60) with that eye deviating 
     outwards. Other eye LE vision is 6/6.  How will you manage the case .

MCQ Paper



Neuro Ophthalmology & General ophthalmology in relation to Ophthalmology
1) Wegeners Granulomatosis.
2) Myotonica dystrophica.
3) Cavernous sinus thrombosis.
4) Orbital Mucormycosis.
5) Acute Migraine.

Surgical ophthalmology & Ophthalmologic pathology
1) Chalazion forcep.
2) Chalazion operation.
4) Meibomian gland CA.
5) Lid reconstruction
6) Ist Day Management of post of complications of Squint, Penetrating keratoplasty, 
7) Endophthalmitis Management.
8) Causes of Esotropia in a 2yrs old child.

Ophthalmic Medicine
1)      Anti Fungal agents.
2)      CSR.
3)      Adenoviral infection
4)      Neuro-protection in glaucoma.
5)      3 rd Cranial Nerve Palsy
6)      Optic disc anomalies
7)      Endophthalmitis Management.


1)      Old penetrating injury.
2)      Anterior dislocation of lens.
3)      Combined 3rd + 6th Nerve Palsy
4)      Facial nerve palsy
5)      Diabetic retinopathy with cystoid macular oedema.


1)      Retinitis Pigmentosa.
2)      Glaucomatous disc.
3)      High myopia
4)      Blepharophimosis syndrome
5)      PC rent with vitreous in AC
6)      Thyroid Ophthalmopathy.


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