Candidate 30                                        Centre: Bristol
MRCOphth                                                        Date: March, 2003

Pathology viva

Question 1
Choroidal melanoma - asked to describe low power H & E picture and 
then higher power view. Asked about epitheloid vs spindle cells, shown 
special stains -S100/HMB45/NiK45, prognostic features.

Question 2
Corneal button of HSV keratitis - histological features

Question 3
Immunology of allergic conjunctivitis

Question 4
H & E section of artery - arteriolosclerosis, GCA (I could not remember all 
the layers of an artery)

Ophthalmology clinical 

Case 1
Young woman with unilateral retinal detachment repair - 360 scleral buckle 
with cryo, PVD and pigment cells present.

Case 2
Highly myopic bilateral pseudophake with microcystic corneal dystrophy, 
POAG and myopic fundus changes

Case 3
Middle aged man with POAG - asked to comment on his treatment and 
visual fields, he also had iris heterochromia.

Case 4
Old man with unilateral rubeotic CRVO - asked to take a history and then 
comment on his FFA

Case 5
Old man with gross retinitis pigmentosa and bilateral pseudophakia - asked 
about genetics of RP

Case 6
Young woman with bilateral pigment dispersion syndrome - asked about treatment

Medical cases

Case 1
Lady with myasthenia gravis - asked to take a history and demonstrate relevant 
signs. Asked about treatment of MG.

Case 2
Man with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and Charcot joint. Asked to examine 
his lower limbs neurologically and direct fundoscopy. Asked about causes of
peripheral neuropathy and whether new vessels occur in the peripheral limbs. 

Case 3
Old man with multiple unexplainable neurological signs - resolved right VI 
nerve palsy, bilateral ptosis and possible right INO. ? demyelination - I'll
never know! Asked about features of Horner's and pharmacological tests, 
III N palsy and whether MS occurs in over 50 age group. 


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