Candidate 31                                        Centre: Bristol
MRCOphth                                                        Date: March, 2003

Pathology viva

Question 1
A corneal specimen. Look like granular dystrophy but could be Alvellino dystrophy.

Question 2
Herpetic keratitis (picture). Questions on management and grafts.

Question 3
Pterygium. Slide showing elastic degeneration.

Ophthalmology clinical 

Case 1
Macular dystrophy. Lamellar graft on one side  and full thickness graft on the other side.

Case 2
A child with Duane's syndrome. The patient has dysmorphic features. Questions on association, 
mechanisms of overshooting and downshooting on adduction.

Case 3
Visual field of a patient with field loss and then asked to examine the posterior segment.
The patient has treated choroidal melanoma. Shown ultrasound. Questions on management.

Case 4
A patient with pterygium.

Case 5
Asked to look at the back of the patient's eye. The patient has high hypermetropia. The disc is very 
small with cupping. The patient also had trabeculectomy. Question on if the patient has significant 

Medical cases

Case 1
A patient with thyroid eye disease. Was asked to perform ocular motility. I carried out
cover test first but the examiner was not happy and said that I should have done the
test with the glasses on and off. 

Case 2
A patient with light-near dissociation. I thought the patient had anisocoria but
the examiner disagreed.

Case 3
Neurological examination of the legs. I could not find any pattern of sensory loss (patient
could not give a definite yes/no question) despite checking the pain, propioception etc.

Case 4
Management of a patient with papilloedema.

Case 5
Management of a patient with chest pain.


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