Candidate 35                                      Centre: Glasgow
FRCS (Glasgow)                                                 Date: March, 2003


Clinical Ophthalmology

Examiner 1

1. Clinical features of dysthyroid eye disease

2. Tell me about optic neuritis

3. Tell me about uveitis

4. What is VEP? How do you do it?

Examiner 2

1. Scenario – a 28 year old lady c/o blurring of vision in her right eye. Her vision is 
    6/9 & 6/6. Ocular examination is normal. What are your differentials?
    Discussion on optic nerve meningioma etc

2. Scenario – a 40 year old lady complains of bilateral red eyes. What are your 
    differentials? Discussion into connective tissue diseases causing scleritis, 
    Wegeners granulomatosis and investigations.

Ophthalmology in relation to Medicine & Neurology

Examiner 1
1. A patient with pupillary inequality. How do you proceed with determining 
    the cause?

2. What are the life threatening causes of Horner’s syndrome?

3. Discuss the effect of vitamins on the eye – discussed vitamins A & D

4. Internuclear ophthalmoplegia

Examiner 2

1. A patient complains of chest pain following uneventful cataract surgery. How do 
    you assess and manage him? Discussion of ECG, management of AMI and 
    contraindication of tPA in such patients.

2. A 32 years old IDDM patient with moderate NPDR attends your clinic. How do 
    you manage her? Discussion went into new anti-hypertensives for diabetes 
    including the sartans.

Ophthalmic Surgery & Pathology

Examiner 1

1. How do you manage a patient who is day 1 post trabeculectomy with shallow 
    AC and high IOP? How do you manage suprachoroidal haemorrhage?

2. Sterilisation procedures in the operating theatre.

Examiner 2

1. Management of normotension glaucoma

2. Complications of trabeculectomy surgery and medications

Clinical Cases

1. Cornea tattoo

2. Pigment dispersion syndrome

3. Bilateral facial nerve palsy

4. myotonic dystrophy with bilateral ptosis

5. macular scar

6. optic disc drusen

7. Duanes type 3

8. dysthyroid eye disease

9. bilateral INO


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