Candidate 43                                          Centre: York
MRCOphth                                                             Date: March, 2004
I felt the examination (the clinical) were conducted slight haphazard way, as the cases were not exactly like mentioned in the syllabus, they went on bringing the patients and it was quite exhausting. I saw nearly 17-18 patients in six stations
Case 1: 
Diplopia of nearly 6 years duration -started spontaneously with occipital headache, looked like sixth nerve palsy, but examiner thought there was an element of hypertropia. diplopia was constant throughout 6 years, was investigated in the first visit , everything was normal, not a diabetic, hypertensive. Scan was also normal. Now patient came back asking for help for diplopia, examiner asked me what will i do?
Case 2: 
Optic disc pit in one eye (classical) other eye small pigmented spot close to the disc - various questions about the disc, complications etc.
Case 3:
Spastic entropion - elicited on tight closure; questions about the causes, treatment
Case 4:
Hereditary optic neuropathy - family history of congenital decreased vision, decreased vision since childhood , using a telescope. pale optic disc, macula showing a few drusen like spots.
Case 5: 
BRVO with macular scar. sectoral PRP= causes, treatment options were the questions
Case 6: 
Patient with h/0 migraine like symptoms -in communication skills
Case 7: 
Narrow angle glaucoma, trabeculectomies -management, role of YAG laser , the management of acute attack
Case 8:
65 years old , cornea - looking like Fuch's endothelial. dystrophy. question- what is the diagnosis of the condition similar looking if seen in young person
Case 9: 
Granular corneal dystrophy - management
Case 10: 
Questions and questions and questions about the side effects of various antimetabolites, cytotoxic agents used in the treatment of Wegeners granulomatosis.
Case 11:
Asteroid hyalosis, with Dry ARMD - causes of asteroid hyalosis, whether it is a bilateral or unilateral? treatment options for asteroid hyalosis
There were few other patients which I can't recall..
Questions about the management of endophthalmitis.
Questions about the genetics of retinoblastoma, basal cell carcinoma slide. 
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