Candidate 44                                                Centre: Glasgow
FRCS (Glasgow)                                                             Date: Feb. 2004
We had 3 tables for the viva- 

Ophalmic  Surgery and Pathology
I was asked about ROP and an interesting ques was how neonatologists help in preventing ROP. I was also asked in detail about the theories of ROP development especially the spindle theory. I was given a cor.marker used for RK and asked about the procedure and newer procedures in refr. Surgery. I was shown photos of a corneo-scleral tear and asked to manage. Photos of a lady with restricted upgaze and history of trauma and the management especially the types of grafts used in repair of orbital floor fractures.

Ophthalmic Medicine 
Lens induced glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma with photos shown. One of the questions asked was the differences btwn the proteins in phacolytic & phacoanaphylactic glau.I was shown a photo of a young girl with congenital ptosis and further questions on that. Also what would I think of if there was restricted extraocular movement. There were questions on fungal & other keratitis with management, culture media and intravitreal drugs in endophalmitis.

General  medicine in relation to ophalmology.
The medical viva was mostly on painful ophthalmoplegia which went on to mucormycosis and the mechanism of action of the fungus. Also I was asked about pulmonary embolism and ventilation – perfusion scan. Other questions were on thyroid eye disease and its vision threatening complications and their management.

I had a superior temporal branch retinal vein occlusion, herpes zoster ophthalmicus, V exotropia, trabeculectomies with PI & advanced cupping of the disc, Duane’s syndrome, traumatic dislocation of the lens. Most of the questions were on management and a few others are differences betwn the magnification of a 90D & 20D, racial origin and the success of trabeculectomis, absorption of  timolol into the systemic circulation ( how much gets absorbed when pt. uses 0.5% twice? I didn’t know this!), dry eye, preference of scleral fixated over ACIOL in a young patient.


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