Candidate 47                                                   Centre: York
MRCOphth (Passed)                                                          Date: March, 2004

1) preseptal cellulitis

2) follicular conjunctivitis

3) basal cell carcinoma

4) giant cell arteritis

5) Oral: herpes simplex virus, uveal melanoma, pingueculae

Clinical OSCE

1) Ocular motility and neuro-ophthalmology: 

  • Infantile esotropia in 21 year old
  • AION secondary to GCA. Asked re: work-up and management of latter.

2) Ophthalmology and medicine: 

  • Quiescent well treated PDR fundus with abnormal gait (?foot drop). 
  • Intermediate uveitis associated with multiple sclerosis

3) Posterior segment: 

  • Choroidal melanoma, disciform scar and assess a diabetic fundus with 20D . Asked about work-up & management of each. 

4) Glaucoma and Cataract: 

  • RP with post subcap opacity and waxy pallor of optic disc (undilated pupil). 
  • Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma: diagnosed with undilated pupil. Numerous visual fields given to interpret, including 10-2, and asked why and when it would be used in the context of glaucoma. 

5) Communication skills: 

  • Take history from and consent patient with involutional ptosis. Patient wanted a consultant to operate on her and requested a GA. I had to talk her out of both.

6) Anterior segment: 

  • Epithelial rejection of corneal graft. 
  • Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid. 
  • Sturge-Weber syndrome. Management of each was asked. 
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