Candidate 54                                                      Centre: Amman
FRCS Glasgow(Passed)                                                          Date: December, 2004
My name is Dr. Samer Ali Abuswider from Libya , I passed the exam in Amman 2004 FRCS GLASGOW.

It was my first time and thanks GOD I passed the exam.


Ophthalmic surgery and pathology
I was asked these:

  • How to manage a case of pseudoexfoliation with cataract. 
  • Management of dropped lens in the vitreous during phaco. 
  • Surgical treatment of CRVO. 
  • Multifocal implant. 
  • Wavefront in refractive surgery. 
  • Factors determine the size of corneal graft. 
  • Mechanism of ischiema in CRVO.

Ophthalmic medicine

  • DRUGS, chloroquine toxicity (acute attack)  cycloplegic drugs difference between the types. 
  • Difference between 2.5% and 10% phenylephrnine. 
  • Uses of atropine. 
  • Management of congenital esotropia.

General medicine and neurology

  • How to manage patient in your clinic with sudden breathlessness. 
  • diabetic patient driving a car developed a defect in his right side( homonymous hemianopia). Questions on management. 
  • lab top slides . fundus with central retinal artery occlusion  how to manage the acute case D/D of cherry red spot 
  • picture of the hands scleroderma , ocular manifestation. 
  • pseudoexanthema elasticum, ocular signs.


  • case of lid lesion description , D/D and treatment. 
  • case of baby 4 months old with lower lid swelling associated with proptosis during crying, D/D capillary haemangioma. 
  • case of 15 yrs old female with exotropia cover uncover test, causes, examination with slitlamp revealed posterior subcapsular cataract. 
  • case for examination of fundus with indirect ophthalmoscope showed one with PRP and maculopathy , how to examine the CSME, the other eye with vitreous haemorrhage and tractional detachment.
  • good luck for every body



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