Candidate 58                                                          Centre: Newcastle
MRCOphth                                                                                 Date: March, 2005
Absolutely hated every second of exam! Pathology very hard. My clinical went as follows 

Station 1 Glaucoma 

  • Pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Cataract precautions. Questions on trabeculectomy. 
  • Pigment dispersion syndrome young myopic male with Krukenberg's spindles.
  • Humphrey Visual Fields to look at and comment. 

Station 2 Patient communication

  • DVLA tell woman not to drive, patient insistent on continuing 

Station 3: Anterior segment 

  • Bilateral grafts recurrence of granular dystrophy. 
  • NF1 Previous surgery for Plexiform neuroma. 

Station 4: Neurology 

  • TED restriction and recent decompression surgery.  Talked about medical management.
  • Partially accomodative esotropia. 

Station 5: Ophthalmology and medicine

  • Angioid streaks with subretinal neovascular membrane and pseudoxanthoma elasticum.. 
  • Diabetic fundus.
  • Amputee in wheelchair I think there were supposed to be new vessels I didn't see them. Crashed and burned. 

Station 6: Posterior segment

  • Indirect on a diabetic possibly previous detachment. Was too worried thinking about last case and messed this one up in spectacular fashion.
  • Disc collaterals.
  • Old CSR.

Not feeling very hopeful. Examiners not helpful in leading to right answers, mostly stony silence 

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