Candidate 61                                                Centre: Newcastle
Final MRCOphth                                                             Date: March, 2005
First day was pathology and EMQ. What I can remember include giant cell arteritis, acanthomaeba, choroidal haemangiom, retinobalstoma, actinic keratosis, one about MRSA. EMQ not easy. 

Clinical station

Station 1
Thyroid and bilateral Duane

Station 2
Pseudoexfoliation and pigent dispersion syndrome

Station 3
Communcaition skill had a very good actress. The patinet had glaucoma with extensive defect, asked to advise on stopping driving (she went on talking for 15 minutes).

Station 4
Diabetic retinopathy (NVD with PRP). What do you advise patient with proliferative diabetic reitnopathy (diet, stop smoking, cholesterol and controlled BP).

Station 5
The posterior segment was tough. One lady with bilateral macular RPE annular atrophy was the differenital diagnosis I put forward but gorgot cone-rod dystrophy which probbaly what it was. Another lady with peripheral choroidoretinal atrophy with pigment hypertrophy resembling bone sepcules. Overall a bad station. 

Station 6
And finally a patient with old optic atrophy (gave a differential diagnosis of giant cell arteritis and questions on management).

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