Candidate 62                                                 Centre: Newscastle
Final MRCOphth                                                             Date: March, 2005
Pathology: Prion disease, Vasculitis, etc

EMQ: Very ambigous questions!

Clinical stations

Anterior segment

  • Acanthamoeba keratitis
  • Corneal graft in a patient with posteior polymorphous dystrophy.


  • Horners syndrome- Should have been straightforward but examiners did hurry me and ask distracting questions while i was examing.
  • Bi-temporal hemianopia


  • VIIth nerve palsy- questions on cranial nerves, acoustic neuroma etc. Got me to test corneal reflexes on patient!
  • TED- questions on thyroid status, myesthenia

Posterior segment

  • Hemispheric vein occlusion
  • Indirect- weird choroidal scarring/atrophy


  • PXF
  • Congenital glaucoma
  • Chronic narrow angle
  • Visual fields
  • Consent for ptosis- patient wants general anaesthesia, you have to explain the advantages of local anaesthesia.

  • Not perfect but fingers crossed! 

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