Candidate 66                                                 Centre: Pakistan 
Final FRCS (Glasgow)                                                     Date: April, 2005
Essay Questions

1. 60 year old male with 6/6 vision in the right eye and counting finger vision in the left eye. On examination, the anterior segment was unremarkable. In his right eye there was a 4-5 disc diameter slightly raised pigmented lesion along the inferior margin of the optic disc. Discuss the management. 

2. A 10 year-old boy came to you after a penetrating injury to the right eye. Discuss the possible causes of visual threat. What would be the management?

Q.3 A middle aged female presented with redness, decreased vision and photophobia in her right eye. She also suffered from raised lesions on her legs. Discuss the differential diagnosis and management. 


UPTO 1/3  of MCQ'S were from general medicine and neurology.


 1. Medicine and neurology 
     Topics asked in details and depth included:

  • collagen vascular diseases affecting the eye in particular rheumatoid arthritis
  • diabetes mellitus and insipidus
  • diseases involving both eye and lung (TB, Wegener's granulomatosis, sarcoidosis)
  • medical third nerve palsy including causes, evaluation and management.
  • 2. Ophthalmic surgery
  • surgical treatment of presbyopia
  • recent advances in IOLs
  • lacrimal gland mass
  • histopathology slides of sympathetic ophthalmitis, corneal dystrophies.
  • penetrating keratoplasty
  • wavefront analysis

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