Candidate 67                                                 Centre: Newcastle 
Final MRCOphth                                                             Date: March, 2005
Here are some of the cases I remembered from March, 2005 in Newcastle.

Case 1
Old lady with Dry type ARMD in right eye left eye only drusen present.Types of drusen, histopathology of ARMD asked. Management plan for the right eye along with treatment options were also asked.

Case 2
60 yrs old male patient with left  3rd nerve palsy of pupil sparing type. Importance of pupil involvement,  investigations and treatment asked.

Case 3
High myopic patient with typical myopic fundus changes. Asked about the complications of high myopia.

Case 4
Both eyes axial proptosis noted in a middle aged female patient.Likely diagnosis, investigations required and treatment plan.

Case 5
Extraocular movement testing on a 60 yrs old female. Right abduction deficit. Diagnosis,most likely cause,investigations and treatment options were asked.

Case 6
A small boy with right ptosis and poor levator function. Left eye normal. Examine the patient first. Asked about the diagnosis and treatment.

Case 7
Left eye of a patient shown with superotemporal branch vein occlusion. Investigations, treatment and complications to be carried out. Differences between ischemic and non ischemic CRVO.

Case 8
Old patient with macular hole in one eye. Stages of macular hole and treatment options were asked.

Case 9
Retinitis pigmentosa patient.Asked about types of RP and about treatment options.

Case 10
Patient with pseudoexfoliative deposits in one eye. Asked about the pathology of the pseudoexfoliative deposits and treatment of pseudoexfoliative glaucoma.

Case 11
Proliferative diabetic retinopathic changes in both eyes of an old patient with laser PRP marks seen in only one eye.Complications of proliferative diabetic retinopathy and asked how to manage.  

Case 12
Middle aged male patient with central serous retinopathy.Asked about treatment.

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