Candidate 76                                                Centre: Edinburgh
Final MRCSEd                                                                Date: November, 2005
A fair exam but whole lot stressful than MRCOPHth London. 

DAY 1 

MCQ's were generally easy and straightforward but questions with "percentages" and "almost always" were common.


20 minute viva in clinical ophthalmology and Ocular Pathology with 2 examiners ( 10 minutes each). 

Examiner 1: 
Asked about cataract anaesthesia and its complications; Assessment of V.A in a 2 years old, management of Accommodative and non accommodative esotropia in a preschool child.

Examiner 2 :-
Photocopy of  TA slide and then questions on Histopathology  of TA + its management and complications. 
Photocopy of slide  of Acanthomoeba keratitis and then questions on it.

20 minute viva on ophthalmology in relation to neurology and medicine with 2 examiners (10 minutes each)

Examiner 1 
In detail questions on Mysthenia gravis, etiology, diagnosis , D/D and Management and complications of management. 
Myotonic dystrophy and its features. 
A.fib. : its causes( especially in 35 years old young male) and management. 

Examiner 2 
Questions on screening on Diabetic retinopathy and asking for rashionale. 
Risk factors for the progressions of DR 
GCA and its management.

Then we waited anxiously for results....10 of 56 were unfortunate .



Saw 6 patients in total . They were after signs and most probable diagnosis. Very occassionally they asked ablout management.

Case 1: CRVO with PRP: asked about causes and time of management.
Case 2 : Myelenated Nerve fibers. Asked about the affects on vision.
Case  3 : Lady with surgical correction for VI C.N palsy. Asked about the causes and the name of surgical procedures.
Case 4 : NF ..Asked spot diagnosis.
Case 5 : Could not really diagnose: some kind of strange vascular lesion near disc....i just gave the D/D.
Case 6 : Pthisical eye.

Again we waited for results.....Anxiety mounts to unbearable levels by now and 7 more dropped out. Rest of us prepared for the final encounter with examiners!!!...If words could describe the state of anxiety, sleepless night and irritable bowels!!

Day 4 ( the final Judgement!! )

Clinical ophthalmology in relation to neurology and medicine 

I saw 4 cases:-

1) Lebers optic neuropathy, questions about inheritance and changes on ERGand VEP
2)Myotonic dystrophy : Associations and modes of inheritance of K-S syndrome, occulopharangeal syndrome
3) Was Asked to take history of a 70years old person who was on Adalat, bisphoshonates, ca+2 supplements, 1mg prednisolone,betoptic and thiazide diuretics. he has vascular sheathing. Asked about Bechet's disease and D/D
4) TED...just diagnosis after gross examination and  lids examination .

I was pretty much sure to fail the last day but then miracles happen!!!!..I passed.

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