Candidate 77                                                Centre: Edinburgh
Final MRCSEd                                                                Date: November, 2005
Day 1 
Others quite difficult, answered around 230
Day 2 
2 clinical vivas
Viva1 : surgery and pathology
1. Types of cataract surgery regional anaesthesia and it complications 
2. ROP. Screening criteria, stages of ROP and treatment options for ROP
3. 15yo boy with night blindness. DDx and quesions about RP
4. DDx of leukocoria and pathology slides of RB
5. Histology of vessels==> GCA
6. Management of GCA and IV steroids complications
7. Clinical photos of infective corneal ulcer
Viva 2: Medicine and neurology
1. 25/M yo gentleman presented with Amaurosis fugax for 30mins, irregularly irregular pulse and tachycardia.? Cause? Causes of Atrial fribillation and Mx
2. Screeing progrmme for diabetic retinopathy. Factors affecting progression of PDR
3. 85/F cmplained sudden and R visual loss and headache.R RAPD. DDx
4. 40/F obeste with gradual blurring of vision. Mx of BIH
5. Doll's eye movement and Tersion syndrome.
Day 3 
1st clinical on ophthalmic surgery
Case 1. 
Right dense nuclear sclerosis. 78D to look at fundus. Peripheral laser marks. Questions on CRVO

Case 2. 
Right chronic 4th nerve plasy with L significant hypotropia. 3 step tests

Case 3 
Bilateral microphthalmos. Anisocoria. Pupil exam 

Case 4 
Left sixth nerve palsy. Causes of NVI

Case 5 Difficult case. Bilateral Tbxs. Type of surgery done on L side

Case 6 
R pervious ruptured eyeball with distorted pupil and peripheral indenation

Case 7. 
Neurofibromatosis type I. R artifical eye and L eye OA. Cause of optic atrophy
Day 4 
2nd clinical on neurology anf medicine 
Case 1
L proptosis and dilated pupil. L limited upgaze and L optic atrophy. DDX

Case 2
78D of optic discs. L eye disc collaterals and laser marks

Case 3
78D of R eye. R optic atrophy. Causes of OA and Mx of GCA

Case 4 
Left  junctional scotoma. Underlying reasion. Testing L eye central scotoma with Red pin!!!....quite easy to miss for this case
Overall impression: clinical cases are not really straight forward. Quite complicated actually.
Vivas are not difficult. Need to well organise answers and not to 'dig' a hole for yourself.
Good luck to all candidates 
There will be major changes of both Part2 and Part3 next year. hope all the candidates can cope with it and with great pass!!!

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