Candidate 19                                                               Date: Sep, 2001
                                                                                  Centre: Manchester

1. 5 year-old child (reasonably co-operative with hypermetropic glasses). Ocular motility. Patient 
    had photophobia, horizontal jerky nystagmus. Distant and near esotropia. Examination of the 
    anterior segment on the slit-lamp. Diagnosis was ocular albinism. 

2. Slit-lamp examination using 90D. Diabetic maculopathy and questions on the definition of 
    clinically significant macular oedema.

3. Mid-29 year-old female. Bilateral anterior subcapsular cataract on the slit-lamp. Patient had 
    atopic dermatitis. Questions on the treatment of the dermatitis. 

4. 70 year-old patient. Anterior segment examination. History of left traumatic blindness. 
    Patient had rubeosis iridis and cataract. In the right eye, undiagnosed retinitis pigmentosa. 
    Discussion of sympathetic uveitis.

5. Ocular motility examination. Patient had thyroid eye disease.

Medicine and Neurology

1. Chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Ocular motility examination and asked about the 
    differential diagnosis. Investigation including muscle biopsy. 

2. Direct ophthalmoscopy. Diabetic maculopathy and definitions of clinically significant macula 

3. Direct ophthalmoscopy. Central retinal vein occlusion. Questions on the investigation and clotting 
    system. Also treatment and prophylexis.

4. Visual field examination. Homonymous hemianopia.

5. Questions on migraine.

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