Candidate 121

Final MRCOphth (passed)                          

Centre: UK                             

Date:    Sept. 2008 

Anterior segment
Graft in one eye , Fleischers ring in the other. Questions on how to distinguish full thickness Vs DALK, complications of PKP  Forgot the second case.

Glaucoma and cataract

Post op case with iris incarceration in wound - questions on management, management of endoph,counselling for cat surgery. Second case : poag.Questions on NTG, disc in myopia

Posterior segment (too many questions!!)
Angioid streaks.
Full thickness macula hole.

Neuroophth and Ocular motility

Bilateral type 1 Duanes
Ocular dysmetria (check only the saccades in this patient)


Thyroid eye disease
Blue sclera (osteogenesis imperfecta)


GP has send patient for cataract surgery but aptient has AMD - counsel the patient.


Herpetic keratitis with secondary lipid keratopathy
Photograph of eye with RD
Endophophthalmitis (post-cataract) in a centre: steps to contain outbreak
Forgot the rest!!

Managed to pass using Kanski, Chua website, Chua book, Eyepath website.