Candidate 174

FRCS final

Centre:   Dehli

   Date:    2013

1. An old man with a painless transient loss of vision for 5 minutes . Differential diagnosis and management


2. A 34 year old lady complaining of intermittent diplopia and drooping of eyelid at the end of the day . What questions shouldyouask in the history . What is the most likely diagnosis . And how do you manage?


3. A 50 year old male driver had a blunt trauma history. The patient on examination had pseudo exfoliation both eyes and cataract.  Right Iop 27 and left eye 23 . Right cup disc ratio 0.7 and left 0.5 .there is right phacodonesis.

What wouldyoulike to do more in the examination ? How wouldyouconsult the patient about his vision ? What problems would you find during cataract surgery and how wouldyouminimize them ?


4. A 50 diabetic lady had an uncomplicated cataract surgery 3 months . She comes for follow up. She is delighted about the surgery but you feel she is unwell. She reports fever .Wide spread itching. She has jaundice. She took 6 weeks ago fluxocillin for mid cellulitis for 1 week. She control her diabetes by diet . She takes no other drugs and there is no travel history

What questions wouldyoulike to ask in history ? What signs would you like to see in examination? Differential diagnosis . Investigations needed to be done to identify the cause ?



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